A small footprint with capability

Technology should be an extension of your business. Virtualized servers are a cost-effective tool to connect your team and provide on-demand productivity—wherever your team is located.

Turn chaos into predictability

Your server is the core of your tech infrastructure. And disruptions to the supply chain make it challenging to acquire the hardware needed for on-premises servers. Virtualized servers give you a chance to break the upgrade cycle.

Never think about costly server upgrades again and give your business a system that simply works. Period.

“Our end goal is to serve our franchise owners to the best of our ability. We can make sure our operations are tightened and thus better serve franchisees. As we continue to be remote, we need to make sure franchisees have the tools to do great things.”

Greg Boudreaux, Brand Leader and VP of Operations, REGO Restaurant Group

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Consistent Pricing & Easy Scaling

$400 / Server
Per Month
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Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

Power your business IT without buying hardware.

Virtualized Networking

Enhanced and continually monitored flexible support.

Virtualized Storage

Storage that expands with your needs.