A restaurant management group developed the technology systems needed to better support franchise partners.

The Challenge

REGO Restaurant Group was formed in 2018 to provide management and technical support to more than 250 franchises representing various brands. REGO experienced a series of shifts in tech management, from third-party to an internal IT team. REGO needed tech infrastructure to help their internal team work efficiently. This infrastructure also needed to be nimble, to respond to changes in the restaurant industry.

Main Challenge 1

Main Challenge 2

Main Challenge 3

A Strategic Approach

Confronting Unknown Questions

A Quick Pivot During the Pandemic

A partnership with Anteris ensured that REGO has a tech infrastructure that can quickly adapt to changing needs.

By making improvements to its cybersecurity framework, REGO was able to meet requirements for insurance.

With the infrastructure in place, REGO’s employees quickly pivoted to remote work, allowing them to focus on serving their franchisees.

From Frustrating to Freeing

“There was a disconnect between how we needed to manage our business and the tech required to get us to those goals,” said Greg Boudreaux, a Brand Leader and VP of Operations. At the same time, returning IT to an in-house function was a bigger undertaking than initially realized. “With in-house services, you must bring in someone to cover every aspect, from networking, to desktop support, to cybersecurity, and you have to pay those individuals,” Greg explains. Because of the specialized knowledge required for each of those roles, “it's impossible to find a few individuals who can cover all aspects of the business.”

REGO moved all their IT operations—from managing all hardware devices to software updates—over to Anteris. A single, full-spectrum provider creates agility for tech. The new partnership also includes managing REGO’s network. REGO ran into challenges in using AWS. Anteris provides a private cloud environment, enabling unique configurations, expert management, and the ability to quickly make changes.

Unity in internal structure enables REGO to bring all its brands under a single technology umbrella. “Our previous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, for example, is an end-of-life platform,” said Greg. The CRM would not accommodate additional brands, creating challenges in providing unified management.

From the beginning, Anteris wanted to partner with us. They have done an amazing job of finding technical and business solutions. We do not look to them as a third-party. For us, Anteris is our IT.

Next Goals

“Our end goal is to serve our franchise owners to the best of our ability,” Greg said. “We can make sure our operations are tightened and thus better serve franchisees. As we continue to be remote, we need to make sure franchisees have the tools to do great things.”


In case you missed it, here are the highlights.

What Was The Challenge?

Resolve a series of overlapping IT challenges which left their technology framework fragmented and without a unified strategy.

How Did We Help?

We overhauled REGO’s initial infrastructure, created a private cloud network, and continue to provide comprehensive tech management.

Why Did It Work

A sole source for IT management gives REGO the ability to respond quickly to industry changes and an unpredictable economy.