In today’s connected world, you likely know someone who has been hacked, spoofed or had their identity stolen. The best offense is having the right defense.

Our security experts run a baseline scan of your systems, interview key stake-holders, and put together the right security plan for you.

Antivirus & Patching

You would think good virus protection would be second-nature. Too often we find antivirus has fallen out-of-date or wasn’t reinstalled after that last system migration. Most users intend to keep their patching up-to-date, but in the busyness of life you forget; your laptop is left in a bag overnight when it is supposed to patch and when you boot back up in the morning you need to get working! Our centralized monitoring system will ensure your systems have the latest antivirus and operating system updates. If they aren’t, one of our security experts is alerted for follow-up.

Simulated Spoofing & Training

New tools have emerged to allow real-world simulations before a true virus hits. Our security team can send out realistic looking emails which attempt to lure your staff in. When a staff member clicks the “bad” link, you receive a report and they are routed to training videos. The goal is to train them away from typical social-engineering attacks, before they go buy 90 Amazon gift cards on your company credit card.

Systems Audits & Monitoring

Our network scanning software collects data on stale accounts, passwords which have not been changed, and a broad array of security metrics. This keeps your network secure by keeping our team aware. If a compromise occurs, our monitoring will alert us for immediate corrective action.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Training your staff to look for security risks can only go so far. Chances are still very high someone on your team will be socially-engineered or your system will be hacked. In that moment when a ransomware attack is unleashed, a well-engineered disaster recovery plan will save you hours and money. Our team of experts will prescribe the right solution, ensure it functions automatically, and then monitor to be sure it is ready when you need it.

Regular Reviews

Within your company, there should be someone responsible to ensure security is happening; whether physical perimeter or workstations left unlocked. Our team of security experts will review logs, reports, policies and service tickets to determine your current security threat levels. Then, they will sit down with your compliance officer to ensure training is occurring as planned.


Regardless of the industry you are in, it is quite likely you fall under some type of compliance standard. Our team will help align you to those standards, train your team on how to identify threats, and then run regular audit reports which satisfy your industry’s standards.

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