It's not always about money.

While money is one of the top reasons job-seekers leave their job, company culture isn't too far behind. There are some defining features that make a company a great place to work.

The job market is flooded with open positions, compensation isn't the only way companies are setting themselves apart from the herd.

So, what makes a company a truly awesome place to work is the practices and principles they set in place.


Employees trust their leaders to lead them and employers trust their employees to do their work

In addition, colleagues trust each other, allowing there to be open lines of communication. Trust means that teams are happy to challenge and disagree in an environment where people are encouraged to question and submit new ideas in a constructive and open way.

A solid base of trust removes the fear of failure, putting innovation and growth at the forefront.

No imposter syndrome here.


Companies that are open about the success—and failures—[I'm stuck here.]

Clear Purpose

Successful businesses often have happy employees. Awesome companies have clearly defined goals and actionable steps to reach them.

In addition, great companies also have well-defined values. Aligning your values to the company you want to work for is an important step in

Leads by example

Leaders that are engaged in their company culture and follow what they preach are easier to get behind. Leadership needs to live out the same values expected of employees.

Great leaders are also advocates for their employees. They should focus on boosting engagement, be responsive to feedback and concerns, and be continually working on healthy company culture.

Focused on Growth

We don't just mean company growth, though that's important too. Awesome companies value the growth of their employees.

Many awesome companies offer tuition reimbursement for career advancement and clear ways to "level-up" within the company.

Part of that comes down to performance management. The standard for performance reviews is maybe once or twice a year (if that).  Proactive employers are transparent about your performance, praising your successes and offering suggestions for areas of growth.

Offering opportunities for employees to learn and grow is an investment and shows the company cares about employees as people instead of just cogs in the machine.

Hires the right fit

When a position needs to be filled, it can be easy for a company to hire quickly to fill the role.

But excellent companies take the time to hire the right person for the position. In addition to looking at candidate skills, great workplaces also look for employees who will align with their culture.

Values Contributions

Recognition is a key trait of a great employer. With many job-seekers looking for roles where they can make a difference, the awesome employers are the ones that value the work employees do...and let them know.

If you want to feel invested in the company you're working for, look for one that's going to value your contributions.

Healthy Workplace Culture

Great workplace culture isn't something that just happens. It's an intentional choice by leadership and the rest of the employees.

A health culture isn't about perks. A company with a healthy culture is working to develop employee engagement, communication, and trust. They're focused on making their employees happy.

Life At Anteris

Being an awesome place to work is a continuous effort.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our company culture. We don't only want happy customers, but happy employees.

What people want from companies is changing. In the old world, employees worked to make a living, wanted to follow explicit directions, and tried to juggle work and life. That simply isn't the case anymore.

In the new world, an emphasis is placed on working to make a difference, charting your own course in the workplace, and harmonizing work and life.

While your emphasis may have changed, many companies are remaining static. Not Anteris.

We're growing and we're committed to that growth. We're building a culture at Anteris where amazing people (like you) can do their best work and be their best selves.

If you're ready to grow with us, you're in the right place.