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Our Company

Anteris was founded in 2002 to provide traditional break/fix Information Technology (IT) services. This meant you would call Anteris with a computer problem, we would schedule an onsite visit within a day or two and come to your office to fix the problem. In late 2006, we recognized that this model was not working for many of our customers. Businesses today have simply become so reliant on technology that waiting even an hour can bring productivity to a halt and result in costly down-time.

We now offer proactive management of our clients’ networks by monitoring for security threats, hardware failures, and to ensure software is kept up-to-date. In the traditional model these tasks were often the first issues we addressed. In the new model, we address these automatically and regularly; before they become an issue. This has improved efficiency and driven down costs.

Our Founder

Tobias Casey founded Anteris Solutions with a vision to empower and enhance the business success of small and mid-size businesses.

Mr. Casey’s 25 years of technology leadership make Anteris a top provider of Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) solutions.

Tobias Casey’s technology experience began in 1990, when he first worked to equip businesses and individuals with personal computing capabilities. He founded his own company in 1993 to continue this work and introduced many users to the initial availability of on-line information services and the emerging power of networked computing.

In 1996, Mr. Casey joined technology analyst, economist, and best-selling author George Gilder’s firm, where he led the web-based deployment of worldwide technology investment publications and conferences. Mr. Casey was then elevated to the position of Director of Information Services for GilderGroup LLC, where he worked with Forbes, Inc. and leaders from across the information technology arena, as GilderGroup produced the leading ascendant technology investment conferences and analyses of the late-1990’s.

In this position, Mr. Casey also was integral in the design, creation, and management of the company’s five Web sites, including specialization in all pertinent database and graphics software and hardware. Mr. Casey was also responsible for management of GilderGroup’s email, message board, and Web servers.

In 2000, Tobias Casey accepted the combined position of CIO/CTO at Innosight LLC, a top-tier international business consulting firm led by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, author of the best-selling business book The Innovator’s Dilemma.

In this executive leadership position, Mr. Casey worked in the forefront of new strategies for utilizing and capitalizing on emerging technologies, especially among small and mid-sized companies and entrepreneurial ventures. He devised and implemented online learning tools for managers, online newsletter publications, corporate intranet solutions, and additional innovative corporate Web initiatives, while directing setup and maintenance of all information technology within the company. Mr. Casey was also in charge of coordinating technology initiatives with partners including Harvard Business School Publishing.

In 2002, Mr. Casey founded his own company, Homebase Technologies, Inc., in response to the growing power and promise of network computing. As president, he immediately focused his new company on equipping telecommuters and other information users with advanced technology support to work seamlessly from flexible and remote locations. Homebase Technologies also pioneered proprietary products to increase productivity and ease-of-use for remote and mobile deployment of network computing. Additional proficiencies included equipping small/mid-sized companies with infrastructure support, including Linux and Windows 2000/2003 installations of varying complexity.

In 2005, Tobias Casey merged Homebase Technologies with the launch of Anteris Solutions. Today, Anteris is defining new IT and MSP capabilities and services for companies worldwide that need the freedom to pursue profitability within their respective specialties. Anteris equips companies to emphasize their unique strengths, while the Anteris team manages the IT environment according to a customized plan designed specifically for each company’s needs.