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How It Works
How It Works
We save you from costly IT downtime and ensure you have a strategy in place. Here’s how.
Strategy Meetings
Regularly scheduled planning sessions allow us to become intimately familiar with your business goals so we may create a roadmap which brings best-in-breed technology to your unique business needs.
Disaster Recovery
Technology is the glue which holds modern businesses together. Whether natural catastrophe or hardware failure, it is critical for each business to have a plan for how they will recover when disaster strikes. We'll create and execute the perfect plan for your business.
Purchase Planning
No one likes surprise expenses! The older your technology becomes, the greater potential for failure. Our team brings together warranty information, expert failure statistics, and end of life notices so we may map out a budget and plan right for you.
Cloud Migration
There are economic, security, and stability benefits offered by the Cloud. Not all systems function best in the Cloud, though, and there is the security of your data to be concerned with. Let us analyze the best uses of cloud for your business, then help migrate you there without costly down-time.
Save money on infrastructure and upgrades, gain vast improvements to system up-time, and improve security by migrating to the Cloud.
Service Monitoring
Just because you are no longer hosted on that server in your dusty supply closet does not mean the services will not go down or storage space will not fill up. Our team will monitor 24/7/365 to ensure optimal up-time of your services.
Security Planning
Crypto-viruses, malware, and socially-engineered attacks are at an all-time high. Our experts will ensure access to your environment is limited to only those who require it, security scans are reviewed regularly, and monitoring occurs in real-time.
While the Cloud offers redundancy and maximizes up-time, backups have only become more necessary. From files being overwritten by mistake to ransomware locking out access to critical files, you still need backups! Our team of experts will prescribe the right solution, ensure it functions automatically, and then monitor to be sure it is ready when you need it.
Cost Monitoring
Many Cloud applications are just like a utility; the more you use, the more you pay. By shutting down resources during non-peak times, you can save money! Our cloud experts will monitor to ensure you are only paying for what you need.
The best offense is having the right defense. Our security experts run a baseline scan of your systems, interview key stake-holders, and put together the right security plan for you.
Antivirus & Patching
You are too busy to think about whether your antivirus is up-to-date or patches have been applied. Let our monitoring system ensure your systems have the latest antivirus and operating system updates. If something goes wrong, our team receives an alert and takes care of it for you.
Spoofing & Training
It is so easy for one of your team to innocently click the wrong link in an email and suddenly your network is compromised. Our security team will send out realistic looking emails which attempt to trick your team members. When one of them clicks a “bad” link, you receive a report and they are routed to training videos. Let us train your team away from typical social engineering attacks, before they go buy those 90 Amazon gift cards on the company credit card.
Regardless of your industry, it is quite likely you must comply with some type of compliance standard. Our team will help align you to those standards, train your team on how to identify threats, and then run regular audit reports which keep you in compliance.
Regular Reviews
There should be someone in your company responsible to ensure security is happening; whether physical perimeter or workstations left unlocked. Our team of security experts will review logs, reports, policies, and service tickets to determine your current security threat levels. Then, they will sit down with your compliance officer to ensure training is occuring as planned.
“Anteris' monitoring has saved us from threats and costly down-time on numerous occasions. I'm able to get work done without worrying, and that peace of mind is invaluable.”
Robert Malnati
Administrator, BRTA
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