Anteris who?

Meet Our Team

Toby Casey

Founder & CEO

Toby Casey is the Founder and CEO of Anteris. His career started with research on the emergence of the Internet for George Gilder's Technology Report. Toby soon launched and maintained the newsletter's website.

Toby then worked with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen to help found his management consultancy, Innosight. After serving as the CIO of Innosight, Toby went on to found Anteris in 2002. Today, Anteris provides security, cloud, and managed IT services for small and mid-sized businesses, generally reserved for large corporations.

Nick Foss

Vice President, Business Development

Nick Foss is the Vice-President of Business Development. One of the core frustrations of business technology is purchasing the wrong tool at the wrong time, potentially wasting thousands of dollars and hours. Nick works with Clients to help them identify technological needs, from cloud services to MFA, and strategize for successful implementation.

Bryce Adams

Vice President, Engineering & Security

Bryce Adams is the Vice-President of Engineering and Security. When our networks function well, they are almost invisible. Bryce and his engineering team work every day to maintain Clients' networks and troubleshoot when problems arise. Bryce also helps Anteris develop hyperconverged infrastructure, allowing Anteris to offer advanced cloud services to Clients.

Ashton Casey

Manager, Employee Success

Ashton Casey is the Manager of Employee Success. People are at the core of our work, and Ashton spearheads recruitment for Anteris. After joining our team, Ashton ensures that team members can grow their skills and balance work and personal life challenges.

Caleb Tuttle

Manager, Projects

Caleb Tuttle is the Project Manager. Whether a Client is new or current to Anteris, projects are often necessary to upgrade infrastructure, implement new software, and troubleshoot a significant problem. Caleb functions as the advocate for Clients, ensuring projects are completed on time and keeping the client updated on progress. In Caleb's words, "Projects are not just about the numbers, it's about people. It's about making the whole project experience freeing and not frustrating."

Aidan Casey

Lead Developer

Aidan Casey is the Lead Developer. Websites are a powerful way to share our vision with the world. Aidan started building websites at an early age, and his passion for technology only grew after working with Anteris. With his prior experience as a System Administrator, giving him firsthand knowledge of how hardware, software, and networks all function, Aidan uses that knowledge to help Clients build applications that deliver unique user experiences.

Adam Brunkhorst

Manager, Operations

Adam is the Operations Manager. When our computers fail to turn on or emails stop coming through, we experience frustration. Adam and the operations team are on standby to address the problem twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Adam focuses the team on delivering prompt responses that fully restore hardware and software. Adam's motto sums up our approach: "I will never say no, but 'Let me find out.'"