For security-minded companies, private clouds are often a good choice. But private clouds can often mean on-premise servers which leads to a large capital expense.

And how do you know whether a private cloud deployment is the right choice for your business? In this article, we will define the private cloud and discuss the pros and cons.

Private Cloud Meaning

A private cloud is a cloud deployment with resources dedicated to a single user or organization. Private clouds combine the benefits of cloud computing, such as scalability and accessibility but with additional options for control, customization, and security.

Traditional private cloud deployments were confined to on-premise infrastructure, and the organization had to absorb the hardware cost as a capital expense. The expense of on-premise private clouds included maintenance, upgrades, security, software, etc.

Hosting for private clouds occurs via a private cloud provider through hosting services. Organizations can enjoy the benefits of a private cloud without buying, storing, and managing hardware on-site.

Private Cloud Advantages and Disadvantages

Like with any tech tool, there are pros and cons to a private cloud deployment. Part of the decision-making process is figuring out what is essential to your organization.


  • Highly controllable. Private clouds offer greater infrastructure control.
  • Customizable. Private cloud storage can be customized to the organization's needs.
  • Ensure compliance. Private clouds are popular with industries that deal in highly sensitive data, such as financial or healthcare organizations.


  • Cost. Fronting the money for the hardware upfront can be a considerable expense for a business. Not to mention maintaining that infrastructure.
  • Scaling. Back to price, it can be difficult to properly scale a private cloud due to cost and hardware needs.

How Anteris Can Help

Not everything listed above is going to be suitable for every cloud deployment. As a strategic provider, Anteris works with our Clients to find the best solution for their situations.

We offer our Clients private and hybrid cloud management services. Clients can access enterprise-level hardware and security through our data center for a predictable monthly fee.

Our HaaS structure allows for greater availability of equipment. Since we maintain an inventory of related models, we can quickly dispatch replacements when required. Hardware-as-a-Service provides a longer use-life and more excellent value for the team.

In addition, we can combine hardware with data management to create greater resilience. We can do this in various ways such as linking onsite servers to our data center or installing multiple servers on the same site so if one fails, others remain online. These solutions could easily cost up to $100,000, putting a significant strain on your bottom line. At Anteris, we've already made these investments—allowing Clients to access enterprise-level technology at a fraction of the cost.

Let us make your technology freeing, not frustrating.