At Anteris, we provide continuous IT (information technology) support for Clients, which includes maintenance and monitoring for systems. Occasionally, you may need support outside of routine monitoring, such as setting up a new system. We cover those additional needs through projects. There is a time and place for IT projects, but it’s important essential to understand what a project is and why they are sometimes necessary. This article will explore what constitutes an IT project.

What is an IT Project?

A project is defined as a specific task or set of tasks to achieve a certain result. Even with monthly management, there will be times when your organization will need an IT project. These can range from upgrading hardware to implementing a strategic initiative. IT projects can include

  • Security audits. This is a process to detect vulnerabilities in your system and provide recommendations to improve security.
  • Email migration. We transfer your email from an existing service to a new one. The most common migration is from an unencrypted service to an encrypted service.
  • Developing organizational IT policies. We develop IT use policies for your organization.
  • VoiP phone installation. Give your phone system lower costs and increased accessibility for employees.
  • Network upgrades. New hardware for servers or adjusting network setups can increase performance and security.
  • Application development. We work with you to create mobile applications, web apps, or virtual machines.

Most projects are scheduled ahead of time, but there are instances when a project would be considered an emergency. This can happen due to a deadline or sudden, critical hardware or software failures that would require a fast-tracked project.

Projects generally take one to three months, but the length of the project is dependent on the scope of the work. Major development projects can take over a year, but smaller projects such as a firewall installation can take about one to two weeks from start to finish. Supply chain issues can cause projects to take longer than usual.

The number of projects an organization undertakes is dependent on its size. Generally, larger organizations will have more projects, sometimes eight to ten, while smaller organizations may have one or two if any at all.

How Anteris Can Help

We offer project management to our Clients. When you work with us for monthly management, we are already familiar with your current environment. We use this knowledge to recommend ways to drive business through IT solutions. We are not a reactive MSP, but a proactive one. Our goal is to meet your needs, not only today but tomorrow.

We will strategically craft a project proposal to carry out your organization's desired result, regardless of the size. Our Clients have a dedicated project manager to serve as their main point of contact as we complete the project. Our project manager will maintain an open line of communication to answer any questions that may arise.

Once a project is in motion, we will provide end-to-end execution. This includes training your team should it be necessary. Our expert staff and qualified technicians are ready to serve your organization in any way we can. Let us make your technology freeing, not frustrating.