Finding an IT partner can be stressful. Organizations want to keep ownership of their technology but also acknowledge that they may need external assistance. There is a lot of misinformation, and it can be difficult to sift through it all to find out what’s true.

Along with the benefits of bringing on a managed services provider—such as remote monitoring, cloud management, and more—there are some common myths about what it means to work with a managed IT services provider. In this article, we will address some of the common misconceptions to give you a clearer understanding of what working with an MSP truly is.

Myth: You will lose IT control if you outsource

This is one of the most common concerns we hear, and there’s a simple explanation. If you’ve partnered with an MSP in the past and you felt like you lost control of your IT infrastructure, chances are you weren’t with the right partner.

Outsourcing your IT should be a symbiotic relationship. A strategic IT partner will be working with you to drive your business through IT solutions, not just run the show. In addition, you can still maintain your own IT department even when using an MSP.

Again, it’s about finding a solution that best works for your organization.

Myth: Managed IT services are just for big businesses.

Big organizations aren’t the only ones who benefit from managed IT services. In fact, small-to-midsize companies usually stand to benefit more from outsourcing.

Partnering with an MSP can allow organizations to access technology that might not have been possible before. Instead of shelling out big bucks on capital expenditures, working with an MSP will enable organizations, such as a small business, to access enterprise-level tech at a fixed, monthly cost.

In addition, a partnership with an MSP gives an organization access to technical expertise that might exceed an organization’s internal service.

Myth: Hiring an MSP is expensive.

This goes back to the previous point. Working with an MSP can provide you with a fixed bottom line, streamlining your operating expenses. You will better budget for the monthly expenses with clearly outlined IT costs.

In addition, working with an MSP can significantly reduce downtime by preventing or quickly fixing system failures. They’ll also have redundancies in place so that should something happen, like a ransomware attack, you’ll be able to promptly return to work.

Myth: An MSP will prioritize new business

Frankly, that’s just a poor business model. Any company that prioritizes new business over serving their current customers needs to go back to the drawing board.

When you’re working with the right IT partner, the goal is to build a long-term relationship. This is our objective at Anteris, and we understand that effective, consistent service is the foundation for a thriving long-term relationship. The longer the partnership, the more the IT partner will know about your company, giving them the perfect insights on how to serve you best.

Managed IT service should be an ongoing conversation, not an ongoing list of tasks or things to fix. This translates to regular meetings to learn more about your business goals and integrate that into how they structure your IT services

Myth: Itemized services are better than a complete service.

You might work with a vendor to supply your technology needs, a cloud service provider to manage your AWS or Azure system, and your internal IT team handles cybersecurity. It may seem like a less expensive way to outsource, but in the end, it will cost you more money.

Working with a single provider allows a more cohesive IT experience. The team members of a single IT partner constantly talk to one another to ensure that your cloud service, cybersecurity, and hardware are all in accord. With a unified setup, your IT partner can then offer strategic advice to strengthen your technology and apply your technology to achieve business goals.

How Anteris can help

At Anteris, we empower organizations through IT. Not only will we remove the stress of the day-to-day management of your business technology, but we will work with you to create revenue-generating initiatives through IT solutions.

Working with the right MSP for your organization is key to creating a strong partnership. Businesses looking to remain agile in an ever-changing market would benefit from working with Anteris. Partnering with us ensures that your services are running when you need them, software updates and patches are completed, and there’s an IT infrastructure to support your business.

Let us make your technology freeing, not frustrating.