Anteris transformed the technological landscape of the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, providing a seamless and supportive IT infrastructure that allowed them to focus on culinary excellence.

The Challenge

Cambridge School of Culinary Arts faced a series of technological challenges, stemming from a lack of investment in IT and a growing need for modernization. Executive Director Sean Leonard, a dedicated employee for 24 years, found himself at the forefront of this transformation.

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Not Just a Number Time Constraints Staying Modern
When their previous MSP was acquired by a corporation, they became just a number. As a non-profit, time was tight for IT needs. Staying on top of modernization was key.

From Frustrating to Freeing

When their previous MSP was acquired by a larger corporation, the personal touch was lost. "You could see the difference," Sean Leonard, Executive Director of Cambridge School of Culinary said. "It's not that they were bad, but no one wants to work with a company who doesn't know who their customer is."

When an email came from Anteris, it was perfect timing. From the first meeting, Leonard felt support. Anteris stepped in to reshape Cambridge's technological landscape. In Sean's words, the process was smooth and devoid of the pressure experienced with previous providers. Nick, from Anteris, exhibited professionalism and care, alleviating Sean's concerns and creating a sense of security.

"Now I feel safe. If there is an issue, Anteris can handle it. They take it off my plate."

According to Leonard, Anteris has fulfilled their promise of delivering a premium product. The transition was stress-free, with Anteris taking over administrative responsibilities, allowing Sean to focus on the broader goals of the culinary school.

"I want to encourage other small businesses to think about it. There are other people like me out there. Just think about how much time and money you're putting into IT. Anteris will take that stress away."

Next Goals

Cambridge School of Culinary Arts is now poised for further growth. "We had a really good year. With Anteris, my time is free and I can focus on other things."


What Was the Challenge

Cambridge School of Culinary Arts faced technological deficiencies and challenges with previous IT service providers, hindering their growth and operational efficiency.

How Did We Help?

Anteris revamped their IT infrastructure, providing seamless support and a stress-free transition to the cloud, empowering the school to focus on culinary excellence.

Why Did It Work

Anteris's personalized approach, professionalism, and commitment to understanding the client's identity created a sense of security and partnership, making the transformation a success.