We get it. Every minute that you spend onboarding or troubleshooting is a minute that can be spent in a revenue-earning capacity. Your bottom line is essential to you and the success of your business. In this article, we will give you an overview of the onboarding process at Anteris, which we have streamlined to save you time and money.

How Long Will This Take?

One of the most common questions we are asked is how long will onboarding take. The short answer is: it depends. For a company with 50-100 employees and about as many endpoints, you should expect the bulk of the onboarding completed within two weeks. This timeline can shorten for smaller companies and expand for larger organizations. Factors that impact the onboarding timeline include:

  • the cooperative nature of your current MSP (if you have one) during the transition.
  • the documentation you currently have on your current tech infrastructure.
  • the number of endpoints (computers, servers, network devices, etc.) your business has that need to be added into your tech inventory.
  • if you have multiple office locations and/or remote employees.

Even with all the variables, Anteris will consider the variables unique to your organization and put together an onboarding timeline. We then push that timeline as quickly as we can to ensure it doesn’t drag out.

Client Involvement

Another question we are often asked is the level of Client involvement required during the onboarding process. We ask that our Clients remain pretty involved in the onboarding process. Strategy is at the core of our operations, and your insight into your organization’s IT environment is highly valuable to us at Anteris.

Without your understanding of why a particular service or application is essential, we are not able to correctly establish a hierarchy for supporting various aspects of your tech infrastructure.

Therefore, we need your input to understand your current and future IT needs. Once that’s done, we’ll handle the technical details. While you will be involved in the process, you can count on us to fully guide the onboarding process.

Interruption to the Workflow

You should be prepared to experience some inconvenience during the onboarding process with a new MSP. Typically, only a handful of situations would cause downtime to an organization during such as transition. For example, if you worked with an MSP previously, they may have issued their own hardware, such as a firewall.

If the MSP insists on removing the firewall, this would require a temporary window for the removal and reinstallation of a new firewall, resulting in a short period with no internet. This would impact your ability to do business.

We strive to avoid downtime at all costs, but in the rare case it is necessary, we will coordinate the downtime for the most convenient time for you. Usually, the biggest disruption to an organization during onboarding will be seen among the staff as they learn how to interact with our support. To mitigate this, Anteris will assist you in training your staff to use our systems to relieve some of that headache.

After the Onboarding

Anteris is a forward-thinking MSP, and we know that the onboarding experience is only the beginning. As understanding of your business develops, a strategic plan can be put in place. Many MSPs fail to see beyond the onboarding process. Again, we know that technology is not a one-and-done installment: instead, IT efforts require intentional planning surrounding business needs, budgeting, and certainly how this impacts a return on investments.

Our strategic approach covets a spot at the table for each of your executive planning meetings, so we may understand and advocate for how technology can be leveraged to meet your business goals. In other words, we treat your business goals as our own.

IT systems and environments are complex, no matter the business size. That said, Anteris has a dialed-in onboarding procedure complete with an extensive checklist that outlines everything we want to know about your environment. The challenge is how quickly and thoroughly we can complete that checklist.

On top of that, we will be able to translate the information gathered from this checklist and allow it to drive efficient and meaningful support of your systems. For example, a decent MSP may compile a list of all software your company uses. An excellent MSP will document this same list of software but gather additional details such as the software support contact information, the software licensing information, and note why each particular software is important for your business.

With this in mind, it could require just a few days to know enough about your environment.

How Anteris Can Help

We know your time is valuable. Our goal is to make the onboarding process as streamlined as possible while still providing the value our Clients expect. Anteris understands that our role is to continuously learn and develop that next-level documentation to support your systems, not just adequately but beyond your expectations. That depth of familiarity may take months to achieve, but it is worth it.

When seeking a new MSP, this continuous learning mentality is critical. You do not want an MSP that becomes lazy when understanding your environment. Technology is constantly evolving, and you want an MSP at the top of the pack to keep pace. Schedule an appointment to find out how Anteris can make technology (and onboarding) freeing, not frustrating.