Cloud storage isn't uncommon in the business landscape, but there are still questions as to the safety of cloud storage.

Cloud storage can be a safe and accessible way to share and store data.

Is Cloud Storage Safe?

This is a broad question with an even broader answer.

Let's talk about the cloud itself first there are different types of clouds—public, private, and hybrid—and each other those have various security measures in place.

The data centers where the servers hosting the cloud are housed have security measures in place such as restricted access and redundancies.


Encryption is also a common security measure among cloud providers. Sometimes the data is encrypted when it arrives in the data center while other data is encrypted while it's being transferred.

End-to-end encryption is where data is encrypted on the device before it's sent. This is the most secure way to send data.


Cloud storage is under near-constant monitoring. There are dedicated teams to watch for potential threats and deploy the tools necessary to block those threats.


One of the best features of cloud storage is that data isn't just backed up once, but multiple times.

If any one server fails, there are still copies on another server. In the unlikely event that a data center is destroyed, your data will still be available.

This type of redundancy isn't possible with physical hard drives since the data present in the cloud is synced across all servers, maintaining continuity.

Bolstering Cloud Security

As mentioned above, cloud storage with end-to-end encryption is the most secure form of cloud storage. And storage redundancy provides additional security.

In the way the biggest threat in cybersecurity is people, the same can be said about cloud storage. Often weaknesses in security can be traced back to poor judgment by an employee.

Frequent and consistent training is the best way to keep security at the front of your employees' minds.

Adding multifactor authentication is another way to bolster your cloud security.

The zero trust cybersecurity infrastructure is also applicable to the cloud.

How Anteris Can Help

At Anteris, we make security a top priority. As cybersecurity professionals, our security services support your business and protect your data from outside threats. And that includes protecting the cloud.

We pride ourselves on being lifelong learners. Being a security expert doesn't mean that someone has learned everything they need to know about cybersecurity. That's impossible. It's always changing. We know that and recognize that cybersecurity is an ever-evolving process to assess, align, and act, and keep moving forward as cybersecurity changes.

While there is no guaranteed protection against threats, we also have best practices for recovery in the event of a security breach.

Let us make your technology freeing, not frustrating.