Leasing isn't a new concept. We lease cars and rent apartments, and almost every software we use is a subscription model.

So why is Hardware-as-a-Service such a foreign concept? Renting or leasing equipment is a way to access hardware outside an organization's price point. This article will further explain the idea of Hardware-as-a-Service and how your organization might benefit from its use.

What is Hardware-as-a-Service

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is a managed service where computing power comes from a central provider. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars upfront, the HaaS model allows organizations to access enterprise-level technology that they might not afford outright.

Usually, HaaS will involve a contract for hardware systems maintenance and administration and hardware licensing requirements management.

For example, instead of buying a new server and adding the costs of installation, security, and support services, organizations can choose to use a data center and pay a monthly fee that includes everything they need.

Advantages of HaaS

HaaS allows you to balance your budget and still receive enterprise-level service, essential for smaller businesses. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars to buy new hardware, organizations choose a steady monthly fee. Large amounts of capital are used elsewhere in the organization while also allowing flexibility.

Instead of tying up business funds, a business owner can choose to retire or sell a business without having sunk a considerable chunk of money into hardware.

Disadvantage of HaaS

Hardware-as-a-Service can be challenging for organizations that cannot think strategically about their IT. While the agreements can offer flexibility in terms of setup and operation, poor use of HaaS can cost an organization just as much as the traditional purchasing model for technology.

How Anteris Can Help

Our team offers HaaS to organizations looking to get greater control over IT spending. Access our enterprise-level tech for a manageable monthly fee.

Our HaaS structure allows for greater availability of equipment. Since we maintain an inventory of related models, we can quickly dispatch replacements when required. Hardware-as-a-Service provides a longer use-life and more excellent value for the team.

In addition, we can combine hardware with data management to create greater resilience. We can do this in various ways such as linking onsite servers to our datacenter or installing multiple servers on the same site so if one fails, others remain online. These solutions could easily cost up to $100,000, putting a significant strain on your bottom line. At Anteris, we've already made these investments—allowing  Clients to access enterprise-level technology at a fraction of the cost.

That's the benefit of Haas: turning what would normally be a considerable capital expense into an operating expense.

Let us make your technology freeing, not frustrating.