We get it: sinking money into new equipment isn't top of your to-do list. But old or faulty equipment can cause larger issues such as downtime and security threats. Underinvestment in IT ultimately costs you time and money.

Data management is one area that creates considerable costs for businesses. Data Center-as-a-Service is a new alternative that can significantly elevate the computing power of your business. In this article, we'll talk about what Data Center-as-a-Service is and how it can benefit your organization.

What is Data Center-as-a-Service

A data center is a term used to define an organized area of servers, onsite or off-site.

The Data-Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) model is also called Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS). DCaaS is a service in which data center infrastructure is "rented" to clients. This service allows clients to access the provider's storage, server, and networking resources without needing servers onsite.


There are plenty of benefits associated with the HaaS model, but the following are a few of the main ones:

Lower Costs

Utilizing a data center as a service model frees up money that capital infrastructure expenses would have previously eaten up. HaaS shifts the equipment expense into operations expenses.

Increased Flexibility

Changing your resources is no longer limited to when you can spare the finances for new equipment. If further resources are needed, a conversation with your provider will get things going.

Increased Speed

Instead of waiting for replacement hardware or until there is a budget to upgrade, utilizing HaaS gives you access to newer and quicker technology more frequently.

Access to Innovation

Perhaps the most significant benefit of HaaS, this service allows users to more easily access innovations because they can be added as services as long as they are available from your provider.

Data Center Services vs Data Center-as-a-Service

Data center-as-a-Service allows businesses to outsource their infrastructure and, in turn, boosts efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scale.

Data center services refer to the administration of an organization's on-premises infrastructure.

While there are reasons to choose one over the other, DCaaS provides businesses with access to top-tier hardware without the stress and space required of having that infrastructure on-site.

How Anteris Can Help

Before upgrading your equipment, deciding if purchasing the kit is the best option or if moving your hardware infrastructure to an operating expense model is better is essential.

Our HaaS structure allows for greater availability of equipment. Since we maintain an inventory of related models, we can quickly and efficiently dispatch replacements when required. Hardware-as-a-Service provides a longer use-life and more excellent value for the team.

In addition, we can combine hardware to create greater resilience. We can do this in various ways, such as linking onsite servers to our data center or installing multiple servers on the same site so that if one fails, others are online. These solutions could easily cost up to $100,000, putting a significant strain on your bottom line. At Anteris, we've already made these investments—and more–allowing our Clients to access enterprise-level technology at a fraction of the cost.

That's the benefit of Haas: turning what would usually be a considerable capital expense into an operating expense.

If you're ready to talk about upgrading your IT setup or have more questions, we're here.

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