Clouds are growing in popularity for personal use, but organizations also enlist cloud services.

Unless it comes to law firms. In the ABA TechReport 2020, researchers found that cloud usage for law firms stayed the same as the year before at 59%.

This article will explore the six benefits of cloud services for law firms.

Why are cloud services important for law firms

Despite the lack of growth in law firms using cloud services, the benefits for firms to move to the cloud are plentiful. Some overarching benefits are stronger security, increased flexibility for remote work, and increased scalability.

6 Benefits For Law Firms

Stronger Security

By utilizing cloud computing, law firms can access enterprise-level infrastructure, including cybersecurity tools. The tech associated with the cloud is often far superior to the standards of on-premise services.

There are also features to require all staff to use strong passwords to help maintain security best practices in your firm. Working with a cloud management services provider also connects you with experts in their field who can respond to threats when they happen.

Easier maintenance

No matter the firm size, software updates can be a hassle. With an on-premise solution, large chunks of time are required to update software. Providers automatically implement software updates to improve performance and functionality with cloud computing.

Users have access to new enhancements immediately. Integrating new tools with an on-premise server can also be a pain, but cloud-based software allows you to incorporate the tools you already use and easily add new ones.

Remote flexibility

Gone are the days of lawyers chained to their desks. The pandemic proves that remote work is both possible and highly productive. Many law firms allow their staff to work in a hybrid model, putting in some hours in the office and wherever they are, whether at home, the courthouse, the airport, or their favorite coffee shop.

Cloud servers allow lawyers to work securely from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.


Cloud computing allows teams to work on files in real-time, giving the team access to the most up-to-date file. Cloud-based software also allows real-time team calendar and file access, making meeting scheduling easier.

Client-centered experience

The cloud allows lawyers and staff to access client communication anywhere to address client questions and needs wherever they are. Enhanced collaboration makes for a more productive and informed team, which clients appreciate.

In addition, the use of online client portals offers a client-centered experience for both clients and staff benefit.

Simpler scalability

When working with on-premise software, if your business grows, you also need to budget for additional servers and in-office tech and onboarding costs, such as training.

Cloud-based software makes this easy: add a subscriber to the program. The server space can also adapt to increases in the firm's activity to prevent performance issues.

How Anteris can help

Confidentiality, integrity, and data availability are necessities for every law firm. A lack of security can lead to revenue loss and reputational damage, not to mention compliance issues. Determining your cloud needs and choosing the right cloud provider is essential. That's where a strategic managed IT services provider is essential. We have specialized systems in place to address the needs of the legal industry.

When the pandemic began and many workforces needed to shift to a remote posture, we were prepared with systems already in place. We are constantly looking to the future and innovating to stay in front of the trends.  We are already addressing two key challenges  concerning IT for law firms:

  • An increasing movement toward the cloud and virtual IT services.
  • “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) continues to spread across law firms bringing new security challenges.

Anteris Complete provides our Clients best in class functionality and performance through a monthly fee. We also offer cloud management and private cloud services to address your specific needs.

Let us make your technology freeing, not frustrating.