The job hunt is exhausting. We should know: we've all been down that path before. Because of that job search, each of us discovered Anteris.

There are a lot of articles out there talking about what makes XYZ a great company to work for (we have a few of those, too), but there are qualities that would make you an excellent fit for Anteris.

We only hire the right people for the position. We're here to talk about what Anteris is and the qualities we value in our team members.

What Is Anteris?

Anteris is an innovative IT company focused on making technology freeing, not frustrating. Our mission is to build seamless relationships with businesses to provide enterprise-level technology to all organizations. We're building a team at Anteris where amazing people (like you) can be their best selves. If you're ready to grow your career and help organizations realize their IT potential, you've come to the right place.

3 Qualities That Make You A Great Fit For Anteris


Humble shouldn't be confused with discounting your talents and achievements. As a humble team member, you aren't arrogant—you're self-confident. Humility doesn't involve thinking less of yourself or your accomplishments, but does involve thinking less about yourself. The humble are self-aware and respectful.

You share credit when things go well. On the flip side, you also take ownership when things go poorly instead of passing the blame onto others. You also are open to the ideas of others.

We also find that the humble are empathetic. You go beyond understanding another's perspective to act with compassion and respect for customers, partners, and colleagues.


Hungry team members are motivated. The hungry are those with an eye on the future and are looking to do more than the minimum. You focus on results and outcomes, not roadblocks and obstacles. Anteris is a company pursuing innovation and growth. We hire employees that value those too.

You are predisposed to action if you are a hungry team member: you just get stuff done. You don't need the push of a manager because you are intrinsically motivated to perform. The hungry are looking for growth opportunities, both for themselves and their team (see humble).


There are many different ways to define smart, but we're referring to emotional intelligence and interpersonal awareness here. If you are smart, you are adaptable. You're innately curious and constantly changing. The smart are resourceful and practical. If there's a problem, you don't need to be told to fix it: you do.

Smart team members can work well with others because they can adjust their discourse to best communicate with whoever they're working with. You don't have all the answers, but you know to listen to others and ask good questions.

But, this brings us back to humble. The smart aren't know-it-alls but learn-it-alls.

Life At Anteris

The best people don't just fit our culture; they further it. We're building our team on the foundation of these three qualities, and the perfect candidates will have all three.

We know we're not the perfect match for everyone, and not every fantastic person is an excellent match for us. And that's okay. We are searching for the right people for our company in the same way that our colleagues are invested in the values of Anteris.

We don't simply hire for skills, even if the need might be dire. It's tempting to bring in people who will take on work we don't have time to complete. But we don't hire to delegate; we hire to elevate. It's best to bring in people who challenge us to think differently and make us better.

We don't just want these values; we bet on them. We recruit, reward, and release people based on these values. If these values resonate with you, reach out to us—even if there isn't an open position. We are always looking for the right people to grow our team.