It is no longer enough to buy a computer, plug it in, and say you are open for business. In the ever-changing world of technology, it is expected you have enterprise phone capabilities, allow your employees access via any mobile device, systems which never go down, and keep everything secure along the way.

Our team of former engineers and information officers bring you the expertise to map out a long-term strategy on which your business may grow and a budget on which you may plan.

Avoid costly IT downtime and ensure you have a strategy in place today!

Strategy Meetings

While there are technology solutions to virtually every problem out there today, it is not a one-size fits all world. By regularly scheduled planning meetings, we become intimately familiar with your business goals and help align them to a roadmap which brings the best-in-breed technology for your unique business needs.

Disaster Recovery

From a major flood to basic hardware failures, as technology has become the glue which holds modern businesses together, it has become critical that each business has a strategy for how to recover when disaster strikes. Our team of experts will help ensure you know just how your systems will be brought back online when your business encounters the inevitable.

Purchase Planning

Businesses run best when expenses may be planned for. The older your technology becomes, the greater potential for failure. Our team brings together warranty information, expert failure statistics and end of life announcements by manufacturers to map out a purchasing plan which can help guide your budget and avoid surprise expenses.

Cloud Migration

Increasingly businesses are finding economic, security and stability value in migrating to the cloud. Not all systems function best in a cloud environment, though, and there is the security of your data to be concerned with. Our team will analyze the best uses of cloud for you and help put together a strategic migration plan to avoid costly down-time.

Integration of Systems

We have all seen it; first, we save the data over in this file, then we turn and re-enter all the same information into this system over here. Can’t it be integrated? Reduce costly typos, oversights and omissions by allowing our team to establish integrations between your business applications. Our expert team of developers will map out the seamless integrations your business requires.

Find out how Anteris may help you break down technological barriers to your success!

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