If you’re thinking about hiring a managed IT service provider, chances are you’ve wondered what will the support cost. A quick search reveals very little in the way of pricing information available online. Everyone wants you to schedule an appointment to find out their pricing models.

Finding a new managed IT partner can feel like getting married on a blind date. It seems so right but then things happen so quickly, and you’re left holding a contract with a price you weren’t expecting. That should never be the case.

But What Is MSP Pricing?

Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of the same questions:

  • What can you expect as the ongoing expense for managed IT services, remote support, and cybersecurity services?
  • Will your prices change or stay the same from month-to-month?
  • Will your prices ever go down?
  • When will I realize my ROI?

While there are many factors that impact the bottom line, we’ve outlined our pricing philosophy here to answer those questions. The managed IT services cost will vary based on your company size, organizational structure, and needs. However, we can help set the right expectations.

The Issue: Hourly Pricing

Historically, Anteris offered a few different pricing models. One of those options functioned on the “hourly” pricing model. This model provided basic management of endpoints—servers, desktops, laptops, and so on. If a Client needed additional support, the Client would be billed at an hourly rate.

This created two related problems. The first problem is that Clients may receive an invoice that’s higher than anticipated. A month featuring several IT issues can make the hourly cost add up. As a result, Clients might scale back on calling the helpdesk to troubleshoot problems that seem minor.

This leads to the second problem: minor issues can compound into larger ones. A system may become so inoperable that you must call in for additional support. This support will require more time to deal with, ultimately causing a higher amount for subsequent billing cycles. This approach did not provide a positive experience or predictability of IT services.

While we can’t speak for other MSPs, that model didn’t work for us, or our Clients.

The Solution: Flat Fee

The managed IT services pricing approach we now offer is called Anteris Complete. This plan includes basic managed IT support and levels of advanced services including proactive monitoring, cloud services, network monitoring, cyber security, and more at a consistent monthly fee. Anteris Complete prevents you from dealing with monthly fluctuations keeping the bottom line steady and actually offering cost savings.

How Anteris Complete Works

Anteris Complete is a simple MSP pricing model: we include almost everything in one flat fee.

Breakdown of services included with Anteris Complete: Endpoint Management (servers, desktops, laptops); Advanced Antivirus; Advanced Monitoring & Alerting; 24/7/365 Help Desk Support; Email Phishing Training; Dark Web Scans and Alerting; Best Practice Alignment; and Backup of Servers

Additional services outside the Anteris Complete package might include projects, a password vault, subscriptions such as Microsoft Office, and onboarding fees.

Calculating Your Monthly Managed Services Cost

With Anteris Complete, calculating your cost is simple.

Depending on a few simple variables, you can expect that Anteris Complete will cost between $100-$150 per month for each managed device.

Grey graphic with Anteris Complete Monthly managed services cost ranges. 100-150 endpoints = $10,000 - $18,000; 150-200 endpoints = $18,000 - $25,000; 200+ starting at $25,000

We don’t believe in secrets. No one likes last-minute surprises or gimmicks, and that's not a business model that builds trust. At Anteris, we believe being transparent is more important than a slick sales presentation. We value this philosophy in all areas of our business including price.

How Can Anteris Help?

Our pricing model might not be the right fit for your company, but once again, you shouldn’t have to speak to someone just to find that out. That being said, we’re confident in the value of the services we offer. Give us a few minutes of your time , and we will dial in your precise cost so Anteris can make your technology freeing, not frustrating.