From this Morning’s 1Berkshire Business Salute

Anteris is a Berkshire-based Information Technology solutions provider celebrating its 15th year in business. Serving a variety of local, regional, and national businesses, Anteris prides itself on developing only complete IT solutions, including: strategic planning, systems management, security monitoring, and disaster recovery as well as ensuring software and regulatory compliance. The company also provides enterprise-class voice-over-IP telephony service—which is more advanced and lower-cost than traditional telephone systems.

With true, 24/7 tech support, Anteris’ clients aren’t stymied by technical problems, and have what they need in order to do their best work.

Anteris is on a growth curve, with a 40% increase in staff, and adding two regional offices in 2016. Anteris started last year with modest offices in both Lenox and Pittsfield, plus one remote office in Boston. During 2016, the company added offices in Asheville, North Carolina, and Louisville, Kentucky, and most recently relocated its Pittsfield headquarters into a larger facility in the Intermodal Transportation Center. Moreover, the company’s revenues nearly quadrupled in the four-year period ending December 2016.

Anteris’ customers range from healthcare to public services to hospitality. Locally, they include the Red Lion Inn, BRTA, Soldier On, and the Haddad family of dealerships.